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White Hat Seo

White hat SEO refers to the application of optimization approach where the techniques are mainly focused on the humans and not the search engine algorithms. At the same time, all the search engine policies and rules are religiously followed. To explain with example, consider a website that is created by following all search engine optimization strategies but human audience are also given a focus by maintaining a relevance and organic page ranks. This website is said to have a White Hat SEO method. As the method gives preference or focus more on human readers than the search engine bots, it includes keyword usages, relevant backlinks and link building practice to increase the link popularity of the website. The website has more readable content written in a way to appeal its human readers. As this method is straight forward way of improving the page hits, it is also known as ethical SEO.

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White Hat SEO generally implements the policies by which your website can appear at the highest position on the search engine results. Organic search results are the results shown by the search engines that are solely based on the relevance of your website. These results do not include paid ads or sponsored links section of the search engine result page. It becomes very necessary to implement perfect strategies that will allow the search engine to show your website on starting pages of search results. Here are some tactics that will give you desired results –

How To Do Seo (Search Engine Optimization)


Avoid keyword stuffing on the page. People normally misunderstand the keyword concept and overuse the keywords in the page content. This is the very basic mistake and can be avoided by little attention. Avoid repeating the keywords more than 5 to 6 times. When a search engine bot comes across stuffed keywords, then it marks the page as spam.

Your page title and URL must have one or two keywords. Use appropriate page names, and avoid using names such as page1, page2 etc. Instead use appropriate page names – about us, profile, contact, inquiry etc.

Be generous in adding links and buttons to other pages on your website in the content. These links will take visitors to the different sections of the website.

Social media is the important part of your online presence; add links to all your social accounts on some fixed location on every page of your website.

Adding pertinent videos can also help in increasing the organic traffic.

Try link building with quality inbound links aimed at your website. Find websites that allow putting links to your website and create more chances for people to find you. Prefer to add links on quality websites and not just any website for number sake. Actually, bad inbound links can negatively affect the search result page rank.

Try to add as many different page links as possible. You should cover almost all pages on the website through inbound linking so that visitor can view the innermost pages.,

You can also try link exchange method with your friends. Create a mutual understanding and put links for each other’s business website to spread the word.

Conclusion – White Hat SEO aims at human visitors and you can try any of the techniques that will attract more traffic to your website. It is a positive and ethical way of increasing the search engine page ranks and generally do not cost any extra money to achieve best results. If you have outsourced the SEO job to any company, then be specific about deploying the White Hat SEO methods for improving your website’s rank.

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