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How To Make Pocket Money Easily With Amazon From Friends

While looking for online shopping, Amazon is the great choice for me. I personally prefer ordering stuff from Amazon as it is reliable and efficient service providing company. Until now, the company has not given a single chance to call the customer care and inquire about the order status. Can you believe that referring a friend on the website can earn you money? Yes, it is possible. But how? The popular online shop Amazon has introduced ‘refer and earn’ scheme to give you loyalty benefits. all you have to do is invite your friends to join Amazon by registering as users. Upon one friend joining Amazon on your invitation, you receive a gift voucher of Rs. 200. You can redeem the voucher while making a future purchase on the Amazon website.

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The full scheme works out as follows – You are registered user at Amazon and have already made purchases from the website. Now you send invites to some of your friends who are not registered users of the website. If one of your friend registers and makes minimum purchases worth Rs. 300, then upon the successful transaction, Amazon will send you a gift voucher worth Rs. 200*. One more condition applicable here is that the Rs. 300 should be a pure purchase means it should exclude packaging, shipping or any additional costs. Apart from your gift voucher, your friend- the new Amazon customer can also receive gift card worth Rs. 100. This is a little surprise element in this whole scheme that a new joiner also gets some reward for joining and purchasing things from the Amazon website.

How To Make Money On Amazon From Friends

Sending Amazon invitations to your friends is a very easy job. You have following options -

  1. Send invite through email. On the Amazon referral page, you will notice a “Refer via e-mail” section, enter the email addresses of your friends and click on the “send invitation” button. At a time you can invite five friends.
  2. If you are running a blog or website, then you can post the “Referral link” on your homepage. On the referral page, a unique referral link is shown, just copy-paste this unique link on your website and invite friends.
  3. Everyone has got a Facebook account and it can also be used to participate in the “Refer and earn” scheme. Click on the “Share on Facebook” button on the referral page and let your friend respond to your post.

There are few rules for participating in the program and they are as follows-

  • A single person can send maximum 100 emails for the referral program.
  • Amazon suggests inviting known people. Sending invitations to unknown people may result in spamming.
  • Referral links sent by you are valid for next 60 days only. If your friend fails to respond within 60 days, then the link becomes invalid.
  • It will take at least 30 days to avail the gift voucher after your friend has made his first successful shopping attempt at Amazon. So it helps in showing patience for availing the gift vouchers.

Conclusion – Amazon referral program is a real deal and no fake news. You can try it once and after getting satisfactory results, refer other friends too. You must instruct your friends to click on the link in their referral email and create an account on the page that opens up. If your friend fails to do this and opens an account through normal registration page then you and your friend as well will not be eligible for the referral program.

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