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Creating small niche website that has affiliate programs or products targeted to the audience is a great way to start an online business. This is because it is much easier to rank a niche website that is optimized with long tailed keywords.

authority amazon niche website

authority amazon


A niche website is basically a theme-based content site designed to target related and specific products, services, or subjects in a niche market. A niche website is one that takes into account a narrow segment of Internet surfers. It lays emphasis on specific keywords which used to build the entire site. A niche website is used to market an affiliate product(s) directly related to those keywords.
For a niche to be successful, you have to find out what people’s problems are and then create a product or offer a service which is better than your rivals.
To discover people’s problem which needs solving, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Facebook and Twitter

Asking people what they need is a good way to discover their problems. Facebook and Twitter are great avenues you can utilize. Post questions, perform surveys and offer free reports to your contacts on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Clickbank and Other Affiliate Networks
Reviewing products on affiliate networks which are already selling will enable you to identify an error in the market which you could fill. Exploring the sellers’ sales page will teach you about the sales strategies which are essential for your potential target audience.

3. Amazon
Amazon is a good place to search for books or products with over 20 reviews. Using the “search” tool in Amazon allows you to quickly discover the interests of your target niche.

4. Magazines
Looking through ads at a trade publication will give you a chance to have a direct look at what people in a specific niche are interested in. It will also help you discover the targeted products and how they are taking care of specific issues in that niche.
But, in this article, I will take you through the process of building an authoritative niche website or store using the Amazon interface that will generate a whopping $1000 a month using Amazon affiliates. This can be set up in days!

1. Setup an Amazon Affiliate Account
To begin with, set up an Amazon affiliate account. It is actually self-explanatory, just visit Amazon, then enter the back-office and select the blue tab identified by ‘astore’.

2. Setup a Tracking ID
Now, the next thing to do is to set up a tracking ID for the new “astore” you created earlier. This ID will help you identify sales from every niche store you set up.

3. Create “astore” Pages
Create astore pages by clicking on the “Add category page”; this can be seen on top of the menu that pops up. Now I would recommend you only select “Add products by Amazon Category” from the drop-down menu.
Next, you click on “Amazon category” and check the box that makes a request to include all subcategories then you save.
This process should be repeated as much as it is needed to select the related categories you intend selling in your niche store.

4. Alter The Tree Structure
You will observe the tree structure that pops up in the box on the left; this structure can be modified by moving categories up, down, left, and right using the arrows in the navigation. Create the tree carefully and correctly as this appears to your visitors.

5. Colors and Fonts
After clicking “continue”, you will be able to change the fonts and colors of your niche website/store. Name your store and preview what it would look like. As you proceed further, various Amazon features will be displayed. Utilize them sensibly, keeping in view the requirements and expectations of target visitors in your niche. Once you are done with that, click the “finish & get link” button.

6. Internet Marketing
Doing some basic internet marketing is required to ensure your new website gets indexed. First, you ought to pick some affiliate programs and products (this time, Amazon affiliate) to place on your website. Other major affiliate programs are ClickBank, and eBay. These programs are also free to join and you can start making your dollars from day 1. Just make sure you focus on content when creating the online presence.

Your new niche website may look beautiful, stunning, and filled with fabulous products which are an incredible incentive for cash, yet without visitors, nothing will be sold and no cash will be earned!
This is how to generate $1000 or more monthly online from your home with an Amazon niche website. You can keep making thousands of dollars each month or simply sell your sites to earn a one-time sum. Yes, it is very possible. Since you already know how to create a niche site and make it possible, you can sell your website to make extra cash online. The process can be repeated over and over again so you can expect thousands of dollars monthly.

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