WordPress Website 2016

To create WordPress Website you have to buy your domain name and hosting package.   Domain name is your name or your work name or your business name anything a name.  For example my domain name is witnee.com.  And we get the both domain name and hosting in one place i.e hostgator.in

  • Go to hostgator.in Click on the button hosting
  • Select Hatching or Baby plan
  • Enter Your All Details Like Name, E mail id, Place
  • Enter Coupon Code     And Get         % Discount

I get the commission when you purchase through my site.  Thank you very much who purchased through my site.


Now Install WordPress Website Software in Your Website

Hostgator.in will send you an email regarding your username and password.  Using that now you can now you can easily install WordPress through ‘Softaculus Wordpress Installer’.

Now type like this in your browser to enter Cpanel

  • yourwebsitename.com/Cpanel
  • Scroll Down And Press WordPress Icon
  • Now You Go To Softaculus WordPress Installer website
  • From Here You Have To Select http or http://www. or https
  • Then Select Your Website Name
  • Make Sure You Have To Delete wp From The Directory
  • Enter Your Blog Name As Your website Name And Tag Name
  • Then Enter Your Registered Hostgator email id
  • Now Press Install Button To Install The WordPress 4.3.1 Version

Hey Hey!  You just installed WordPress 4.3.1 version i.e new updated, come back after 2 to 12 hours. hostgator.in will send you a username and password to your registered email id to enter WordPress website.


Check your email

Open your registered email id.  hostgator.in will send you user name and password to enter in WordPress.

Now open your browser type it yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin you will enter in WordPress website. And now you have to change your password.

  • Go to Users
  • Select Your Profile
  • Change the Password And Confirm it